The EASIEST last minute Toy Story Halloween Costume

Calling all Toy Story fans who still haven't figured out what they are doing for Halloween this year. Oh hey! That must be you. Don't worry I've got you covered. This is about as easy as a creative Disney inspired halloween costume can get. Well...except for this one (link coming later this week).

I love this super simple halloween costume for two reasons:

1. It's a Mommy and Me costume!!!

2. I feel like it's one of those costumes that only a true Disney fan would ever think of doing.

If you have more than one Little that needs a costume you can easily add onto this.

You've got Emily who is Andy's little sister.

Someone could be a green army man- that would be hilarious.

And you could always have someone be one of Andy's toys.

Anyway, back to the costumes.

There’s a good chance that you own a lot of the items you need for these costumes already. If not, I tried to link the items I could find, but I bought almost all the clothes I didn't already have second hand. Thredup is a good place to find floral leggings. I found an old Lularoe pair there I thought worked perfectly.

As far as DIYing goes, there isn't much- just Andy’s shirt. You’re going to need t-shirt transfer paper/ iron on paper designed for DARK shirts. Do not buy the transfer paper designed for white/ light shirts. It will not look good. After you have your paper, print out the cowboy graphic I made especially for you on it. Cut it out and follow the instructions on the package to iron it on. After you’ve ironed on the cowboy Andy's costume is ready to go!

Here's the breakdown of his costume and links are below.

Break down of items you need for Any's Costume. Red cowboy hat, green shirt, blue shorts, tube socks, white or grey shoes, iron on paper and the singing cowboy graphic I created for you.

Green shirt

Blue shorts

White tube socks

White sneakers

Red cowboy hat

Buzz, Woody, or whichever of Andy’s toys you happen to have

Printable iron-on paper

Cowboy download- for some reason it won't let me link it. Click the icon below this to open/ download. Test this on regular paper first to see what size/ color works best for you. Every printer is different.

Download PDF • 729KB
Break down of what you need for Andy's Mom's Costume. Oversized pink shirt, blue floral leggings, blue flats, and be sure to put your hair in a ponytail.

And now for Andy's Mom's costume.

Fun fact: Did you know Andy's Mom has a name? It's Mrs. Davis!

Pink slightly oversized shirt

Blue leggings with floral print

Blue flats

*Army men

Make sure you put your hair up in a ponytail. I didn't and it about killed me choosing NOT to retake these photos. Mrs. Davis wears her hair down in other movies. Not this one.

*Army men are completely optional, and mostly for the purpose of recreating this photo.