The EASIEST last minute Disney World Halloween Costume

Anyone else going through Disney withdrawals? Well here is the perfect excuse…I mean Mommy and me costume that you can do! A Disney fur character and a Disney guest. This is about as easy as costumes can get. I know I said that about the Toy Story themed costume, but I think this might be easier. All you need is a Disney character costume for your little and Mickey ears, a Disney shirt, and a pin lanyard for you!

As I scrolled through these pictures I realized that I wasn't just any Disney Guest, I was an obnoxious Disney guest. I couldn't stop laughing as I scrolled through these and thought about how Mickey would feel if I did this to him at Disney World. I would literally be the worst guest ever hahaha.

Luckily my little loves me, and the marshmallows he received as bribe/ payment for doing this made it more than worth it to him!

I got our Mickey costume from Poshmark. They have tons! Here’s the link to the search results.

But, if you don’t have time to do that, you can find a Disney character costume just about anywhere they sell costumes right now. Here is the costume on the Disney site, and they have Pluto too!

Ideas of what to wear as a Disney Guest:

Mickey ears/ hat or a Princess crown.

Disney themed apparel.


Pin lanyard or Disney buttons.

Disney Parks Map

Autograph book and pen

Disney purse

Disney shoes