October Modest Finds (10.19)

Well, it's been a hot second since I did one of these! But I'm back, and after paying a ridiculous amount to keep this site "premium," hopefully I'll be a little more regular again.

I've been slowly getting into the flow of things. School, life, and a baby is hard enough! But adding all the extra things I love to do into the mix makes it all even harder. But, I'm learning how to be extra efficient with my time (it's a REAL process though guys) and despite going to bed completely exhausted every night, I'm really happy with life right now. It's such a change from the last few years, and I just feel SO blessed with how everything has turned out. Yes, we're not in Florida, and that sucks, but this is definitely where we are suppose to be now. Thank goodness Heavenly Father is in charge. Life right now is proof that He knows best.

Anyway, back to modest finds!

1. Denim Paper Bag Skirt- To this day I regret not getting a paper bag skirt 5 years ago from DownEast. It was beautiful. They've never made one like it again. But, this one is cute too!

2. Little blue dress- I haven't had a chance to go try this on yet, but I'm thinking it might be a winner

3. Sweater Dress- Don't mind me, I'll just be drooling over this dress over here. Oh how I wish a dress for $168 was in the budget!

4. Plaid Shirt- Bought a couple of these the last time I was in Florida. I would say I'm excited to wear them, but that would means it's gotten cold here in Rochester, so...

5. Sweater Blazer- The picture does not do this beauty justice. I LOVE this sweater. And no, incase you were wondering, I did not pay full price for it.