Letchworth State Park- Take One

On Saturday we decided to take advantage of the nice weather, skip the pumpkin patch, and go to Letchworth State Park. By "we", I mean me, and Blake was nice enough to oblige me. We were both glad that we went.

There was a part of me that didn't want to go. I've been running on "E" for the last two weeks, and going out almost seemed like too much work. Let me just say, it was worth it! If you live anywhere near Letchworth you should go before all the leaves fall off the trees and it starts snowing next week! It was beautiful. I haven't been there since middle school, so it felt like a first time experience for the both of us. The leaves were changing, and the views were breathtaking. Not knowing where to go was a tad bit overwhelming though, I'll admit it. We ended up driving along the road, stopping when we thought we should stop, and despite really not having any clue what we were doing, we had A LOT of fun.

I got a ton a great shots. And maybe even more not so great shots...I broke my camera last weekend and my Dad is letting me borrow his. It takes amazing photos, but it also has a pretty steep learning curve. It also weighs as much as Lars, so I'm going to blame that as part of the reason quite a few of my photos weren't framed quite how I wanted them to be. I kid you not, my right arm is kind of sore from carrying the camera for the few hours we were there. But, it was totally worth it and I am so grateful to my Dad for letting me borrow his camera. He's kind of the best.

Because we had no idea what we were doing this time Blake and I really want to go back again (most likely in the summer) and "do it right." Stay tuned for that post, I'll be sharing what we did, and hopefully help you avoid wandering around like we did this trip. In the mean time, enjoy this photos I took (and one that Blake took).

New York can be wonderful...when it's not snowing...

Happy fall y'all hahaha