MY 5 favorite striped things

In honor of National Stripes Day ( a holiday apparently completely made up by J. Crew). These are my favorite striped items currently in my closet that can still be purchased.

If you know me, you know I love stripes. I have soooo many striped shirts, skirts, and dresses. I loveee them! Want to know something funny though? When I was in high school/ middle school I did NOT care for them. Stripes and polka dots were just not my thing. Don't ask me why though...I couldn't tell you my reasoning.

1. Shirtdress- It's still freezing cold here so I haven't gotten to wear this dress yet, but let me tell you I am excited!! It's modest, nursing friendly, AND it isn't see through. Win, win win!

2. Striped Shirt- I have shared this shirt about a hundred times, but I still love it! I wore it before, during and since being pregnant. It's just a great piece to have in your closet. And, after wearing it a million times (sometimes for days in a row...) I can honestly say it is GOOD quality, and designed to last.

3. Cotton Button Down - I love, love, LOVE this shirt. It's one of the shirts I own that I can just wear over and over again. It's definitely a little more on the light weight, wear-in-the-summer kind of shirt but I wear it all year round. #sorrynotsorry

4. Short Sleeved Shirt- Basically we all just need to take a trip to Japan and buy all their striped shirts. They just do stripes better there...

5. Sheath Dress -This was one of my favorite dresses to wear pregnant. I cannot wait until Baby Boy is nursing a little less frequently so I can wear it again!

Also, here is a fantastic article about a shoppers experience on National Stripe Day. I'm not sure how serious the author is...but it's a pretty great read.

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