A Little Life Update

The minute I sat down to write this post Baby Boy started crying. So, now I'm trying to type one handed, while he tries to stay awake while nursing. I'd say both of us are having minimal success.

It's been a hot second since I've posted anything, so I wanted to write a little life update.

SPOILER ALERT: this is not being written from sunny Orlando, Florida.

Since the last time I posted anything, a few major life changing events have happened. We moved, my husband graduated and got a "big boy" job, and we had a baby- but not in that order.

Rewind back to the beginning of December. I was still pregnant and oh so ready to have a baby in my arms, not in my belly. We were in St. George for a family wedding, and Blake and his sister stayed up late one night catching up. I couldn't stay up with them (#pregnancyproblems) and went to bed. I try to pray before going to bed every night, but before you get too impressed, or think I'm saying this to brag, most nights I never make it to "amen". While praying I must have said something about being grateful that Florida was in our very near future, and upon thinking that, I got this not so great feeling. The promise of moving to Florida (eventually) is literally the only thing that got me through our time in Utah, so this feeling was less than welcome. I tried reasoning with Heavenly Father- maybe we needed to find a different place to live, or the area we were planning on moving to needed rethinking- I was willing to be flexible. But not so flexible as to say "ok we won't move there," so the prayer was quickly ended. We could discuss other alternatives IN Florida later.

Well, by now you would think that I'd know that ignoring promptings and feelings doesn't usually work. Bargaining with God also doesn't seem too successful when I attempt it... If I wasn't willing to listen and follow instruction, He was going to make me listen. When I said Blake and his sister stayed up all night talking, I was not exaggerating. So, somewhere between nighttime and morning (not really sure when) I woke up to this, "Huh, that's weird. I just got a message from [our potential landlord's daughter] and she said they've decided to rent out the place to someone else. They can't wait, and want renters in it before February."


To make a long story short, Blake and I decided we just weren't meant to move to Florida just yet. Any guesses where we ended up? Yup, that's right, freezing cold New York- the one place I didn't want to end up. Well, here and Utah.

But it's totally ok because I feel like this is where we are suppose to be right now. It doesn't change the fact that I hate the cold or that winter here is terrible, but it does make it bearable. Everything started falling into place the minute we decided to move here- including a snazzy new job for Blake.

Now, fast forward to the end of December. I had a baby! I'm not going to share a birth story 'cus that's just not my thing, but I will give you the spark note version.

Baby Boy still hadn't made an appearance on his due date, and because I developed gestational diabetes, we were planning on being induced. So the night of the 26th we went into the hospital so my cervix could be ripened in preparation for an inducement the next morning. Well, I never made it to induction time. My body went into labor on it's own, and after six and a half hours of active labor, a push I probably should have waited for the next round of contractions to do, and some crazy tears (as in I tore), I finally got to hold my baby in my arms.

He was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 inches long. They had estimated him being about a pound bigger and all I can say is thank goodness they were wrong. I totally get why epidurals are so attractive now. But, that being said, next baby I'm probably still going to go natural again.

So, without further ado, meet Lars Molinari Johnson.

I might be partial, but I think he's pretty cute.

So, after a pretty decent recovery (minus the part where my tailbone was missing for a few days) we packed up our stuff and left Utah. Blake went cross country in the Uhaul, and Baby Boy and I flew. He was easily the youngest human on the plane, and probably one of the better behaved ones too! And now we are in New York, in the cutest little house, freezing our butts off and getting on with our happily ever after.

The end.

Photos: McKinzie Watson