Modesty Finds (1.18)

I started the morning with some tears. There wasn't anything wrong. I'm just pregnant.

Because I started the morning crying, I've been fitting the urge, ever since, to just stay in bed all day and do nothing. I feel like I deserve it. Growing a tiny human is hard, and not at all as magical as women claim it is.

But, I'm finally up, and bringing to you the first modest finds of November! Woo-hoo!

1. Faux Leather A-line- Basically this skirt is all plastic. I usually don't go for that, but I can just see sooo many amazing fall, winter, and edgy holiday outfits with this skirt. The possibilities are endless. Someone please get this skirt.

2. Magic Sweater- I love this sweater. It's currently sitting in my on-line cart. It's just the right amount of Disney magic in a sweater. How cute would it be with a tulle skirt and heels? OR, layered with an oxford underneath? And, it'd looked super cute in front of Cinderella's castle...just saying.

3. Folk Dress- I'm in love with this dress- the embroidery calls to the Norwegian in me. I've literally had it open on a tab on my computer for months. I just can't justify buying it right now. My pregnant belly won't let me. So, please someone else buy it so I can live vicariously through you.

4. Gingham Dress- Ok, this dress looks super cute on. Click the link so you can see. It comes in a few different pattern options, and in my opinion, is the perfect dress for fall.

5. Tulle Skirt- Banana Republic does it again with this beautiful midi length tulle skirt. It comes in grey, black, and navy blue. Also, friends and family is happening right now, so you can get it for a deal.

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