Prepping for General Conference

Some people prep for the end of the world. Some for a really big test. Others, for the audition that is going to change their life.

Since I'm not really into that whole dooms day scene, and most of my energy goes into growing the parasite- I mean baby- inside of me, I'm going to go all out prepping for General Conference.

Mark your calendars- October 6th and 7th are right around the corner!!

If you've never heard of General Conference here's what you need to know;

1. Anyone is invited to listen to it.

2. It only happens twice a year (so it's kind of special)

3. It's an opportunity for each of us to listen to church leaders and learn from and be inspired by them. It's also creates the perfect setting for us each to personally receive and learn what it is Heavenly Father needs us to be doing in our life.

So, how am I prepping this year? Let me tell you.

1. Listening to last conference's talks

Full disclosure- I haven't finished listening to/ reading all of the talks from this past spring. I was out of town that weekend, and have been a little less than diligent playing catch up.

But, even if you DID listen to last conference you should give yourself a little refresher. Read through notes you took, re-listen to your favorite talks, and see how well you followed promptings and council you received in April.

2. I bought myself a nifty study guide

I got mine here and I absolutely love it. I bought a workbook for last conference, and have loved filling it out. I love that all my notes are in one place, and that the whole thing is just so darn beautiful.

The October 2018 version, in my opinion, is even better. Along with space to scribble down all your promptings, there are gorgeous photos of various church sites. I was in the same ward as the photographer, back home, so I may be a little partial, but I think her pictures make the whole thing that much more wonderful.

I'm sure there are other study guides out there, but this one is hands down my favorite. It's a visual manifestation of how my brain works haha.

The New Era also created a cute little study guide you can print out yourself.

So you don't have to go searching for it, I linked both versions below.

Double sided foldable version

Single sided version

Isn't it cute???

If you don't like the idea of a study guide, you can always use a journal or a notebook. And if you're smart, you already have/ will create a designated notebook for your conference talks.

I think part of the reason I love my study guides so much is because all my past conference notes are spread willy nilly throughout a collection of journals, notebooks, and random pieces of paper.

3. Preparing questions

Ok, so my question preparation this year is going to be 2- fold. First, I'm going to review my questions from last conference.

Did I receive an answer? AND, did I act on that answer?

If I didn't do anything about answers received last conference, why in the word do I think I need more??? That's just going to lead to frustration, confusion, and overwhelm- 3 things I DO NOT need anymore of in my life.

Second, after I've honestly reviewed those questions and answers I will make new questions, or maybe even tweak old questions. One of my questions this year probably needs to be about finding motivation to just act on answers received. I'm seriously lacking drive.

4. Bake treats & prepare snacks

Chances are we will be watching from home this year. Personally, I like that better than watching it anywhere else- even live! I can watch in comfort, and eat as many snacks as I need to in order to make it through each session. Why would you ever settle for just being spiritually fed, when, at the same time you could also be filling your belly?

I know a lot of families have a cinnamon roll tradition in their house, but I haven't found a gluten free version of those yet. It's a little sad. I loved waking up to them being baked in my house (and it may or may not have been the real reason I came downstairs to watch conference).

But for all you G-free people out there, I recommend Krusteaz blueberry muffins. Blake and I can eat a dozen in one sitting. That's how good they are. You can't even tell they are gluten free, or from a box.

I usually get them at target, but I have found them at Wal-mart before.

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