Last Minute Halloween Costumes Made Modest

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I am feeling ridiculously uninspired this halloween. Blake and I usually go all out and make (in my opinion) some AMAZING Disney inspired costumes. But this year, I'll be uber pregnant and the only pregnant character I know in a Disney movie is Chicha from Emperor's New Groove. She's cute and adorable and all, but Pacha and Chicha costumes just aren't exciting to me. So, if you've got any ideas, PLEASE send them my way.

In case any of you are having a tough time figuring out what you want to be, as long as you aren't almost 8 months pregnant, I can totally help you out. Please note, none of these images or costume ideas are mine. Links to the original post for each one are provided. But, I'm gonna break down how to make each of these costumes a little more modest, and where to find the pieces you need. Chances are, a lot of the pieces might already be in your closet.

1. Gum ball Machine- Ok, so this girl has got the modesty thing down. But, when I think Gum ball machine I totally think adorable red skirt. I've also seen a few versions where a red barret is being worn, and I think it just brings the whole costume to another level.

2. Ice cream cone- Part of me kind of really wants to be an ice cream cone for halloween. Look of pretty she is!! And wait until you see what the sprinkles are made of- it's genius!!! K, I'm linking two white tulle skirts- a cheaper one, and a little more expensive one. Buy the cheap one at your own risk. I've had good luck with them, but you never know.

If you don't have a white tee hanging around at home, here is my current t-shirt crush. And, if you're like me and love dresses, here is, in my opinion, the perfect sundae dress.

3. Frida Kahlo- How could I not share something from The House Lars Built??? And this gives you the perfect excuse to buy one of these gorgeous dresses. My favorite places to find opaque tights are Target, Old Navy, and Kohls. You can usually find a good selection in department stores too.

4. Pineapple- This may be the easiest of all the costumes to pull together last minute- if you can find a yellow dress. So, here are a few options I love.

Yellow Sheath dress here

Yellow a-line dress here and long sleeve here

Tropical vibe dress here

This one totally has a pineapple texture!!!

5. Swan- You build the swan, and I've got you covered with the rest. Here are three beautiful white dresses to choose from, and your glittery accessories.

Lace white dress here

Embroidered white dress here

Flowy Perfection here

Gold crown here

The only gold shoes I could ever recommend here

6. Crazy Cat Lady- Is this not the cutest costume ever??? I don't know if it'll be as cute on one of us, but it sure will be funny! If you don't want to buy a wig, you could always put your hair up in rollers, and use temporary gray hair spray. Amazon has about a million pairs of cat slippers, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a pair of those!

Pink fuzzy robe here (This usually goes on sale)

Old lady PJs here (You could also probably find a fantastic pair at Wal-Mart)

7. Troll- This is seriously the one costume that has sparked any interest in me for halloween. Obviously I can't do this tube top version, so, If I do decide to be a troll this is the dress I will be ordering. If body-con style dresses aren't your thing, here is a cute a-line version that would look adorable with nude heels and ridiculous colored hair. Ha! I just realized the dress I'll be getting is a maternity dress. Here is one that isn't for people making babies.

*Also, I can't find the original link. I think it might be from Brit+co though...

8. Frosted Animal Cookie- I don't think it gets much easier than pom poms and a pink dress. Do you? This dress is perfect, and it's on sale. Michaels, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby and/ or Wal-mart should have the pom poms you need.

9. Power Puff Girls- Totally wasn't allowed to watch this when I was little, but I think this would be such a fun group costume to do!! This was the best I could find dresses wise. Honestly, I would make them so the colors match perfectly, but if you are in a crunch Amazon Prime's got your back. The shoe you want to look for is called a Mary Jane- you can decide if you want flats or heels. If you're going for heels though, my personal favorite is Capezio character shoes.

White tights can be found at Target or Walmart.

If you aren't attached to the dress, I would suggest painting the black band on using fabric paint. If you don't want to paint the dress the easiest thing you can do for the waist bands is make your own. Go to Joann fabrics, and get a strip of the thickest elastic you can find (your waist size plus an extra inch or two), fold it in half, and sew together the two edges. You can slip it on and off as needed!

*Also can't find an original source for this picture

10. Cactus- If crazy cat ladies aren't your thing then maybe crazy plant ladies are. This costume can be really be done with anything green in your closet! It doesn't have to be a dress.

If you are attached to your green dress/ clothing I would NOT suggest following the tutorial instructions. Instead, go to Joan Fabrics, ask where the vinyl is, and buy white vinyl with a sticker back that can be cut into strips and stuck onto your clothes. Fake flowers can be found at the dollar store, Wal-mart, and just about any craft store. And there you go- Cactus costume done!