Modest Finds (1.17)

Currently in sunny Florida where Fall clothes don't seem at all needed, but I know I'll be singing a different tune when I'm back in Utah at the end of the month. I seriously cannot wait to be living back here in a few months (hopefully)!!!

Anyway, just in case last weeks modest finds collection was a little too monotone for anyone, this week I'm doing patterns! Hopefully this crazy collection doesn't scare anyone away...except Jack Frost maybe...

1. Striped Sweater- Apparently this sweater is "kitten-on-a-cloud" soft. I kind of want to buy it oversized, test out its softness promise, and just wear it for the rest of the year when baby comes. Anyone else??

2. Leopard Print Skirt- Does anyone else out there have a love/ hate relationship with leopard print? I love the idea of it, and it can look fabulous on other people, but sometimes it's just bad. This skirt is making me think twice about my lack of leopard print in my closet though. Look how cute this it!!

3. Floral Dress- I totally had another dress on here originally, but I just couldn't keep it. It just screamed 90's to me, and, having lived in them, I don't think those terrible trends need to come back. I have a decade worth of pictures to prove it. So, I went with this dress instead. Add some booties and a jean jacket and you definitely won't regret any photos that get snapped while you're in this.

4. Wrap Skirt- I love this!! Why are all the cute skirts coming out while I can't wear them?! I absolutely love how these skirts fit. I have a linen version from last summer that I can't get enough of- when it's not wrinkled...

5. Empowered Shirt- Normally I don't go for feminist clothing lines, but I like this shirt. You being you is your power!! Use it to help lift others!