Modesty Finds (1.15)

Happy almost first day of fall! Have you posted a photo of pumpkins on your 'gram yet? Have you tried any of the new pumpkin spice cereals out there? Or, have you started planning your halloween costume yet??

At least in my neck of the woods there are no piles of leaves to jump in yet, and the days are still a tad hot, but it's definitely beginning to feel a lot more like fall. And, with any of these cute pieces, you'll definitely feel a little bit more in the season.

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1. Burgundy Jumpsuit- 100% cotton for the win!! And this color?! Isn't it beautiful. Add a jean jacket, your favorite neckerchief, and slip on some booties, and you are ready to go!

2. Gingham Skirt- Does anyone else feel like gingham and fall just belong together?

**Here's a tip for buying patterned anything, look for the item that's side seam patterns match the closest. For some reason manufacturers don't seem to think that's important anymore, but seams where the pattern (especially stripes) look more cohesive could be the difference between your piece of clothing looking cheap, or a little more upscale.

3. Striped Yellow Dress- I've had this dress open on my desktop for weeks! This is the week that I'm finally going to share it with you. It's super cute, and has a more loose fit. It's basically all cotton, and, drum roll please, it is nursing friendly!

4. Corduroy Pencil Skirt- Let's just sit here and drool over this skirt for a moment, shall we? When I lived in Japan I had a bunch of corduroy skirts and I just loved them. I think I might have to get the red one, even though it won't fit for a while, just for old times sake. Also, it comes in 5 different perfect fall time colors.

5. Bow- neck Sweater- Isn't this just adorable??? I am really loving this trend. Maybe I'll have to do a simple DIY for removable bows. Then, you can buy a staple sweater, that will never go out of style, and trend it up all season long.

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