Someone Loves You + The Outfit I've been Wearing on Repeat

Well, everyone should officially be back to school now...right? I don't miss school, but I do miss the learning. I miss having an excuse to read. And, I miss trying to be the dream student- I just don't think teachers get the respect they deserve from students anymore, so I tried to do my best to show I appreciated them being there teaching me.

Also, I miss having an excuse to dress up almost every day. Technically I could still dress up everyday, but some great outfits would go to waste. So, here is the outfit I've been wearing on repeat lately and a quote I've been loving.

Skirt here (if you go in store, you will most likely find it). Similar sweater here.

It looks good with keds or heels and is soooo comfy!

And, here is the quote. You'll have to excuse all the dot dot dots. I'd really like to just copy and past the entire page this quote is from, but, I feel like that's kind of not allowed. It's from the book Model Mormon. If you haven't read it, you should read it. It's good. It's also a quick read, so there is literally no excuse not to give it a try.

"Before we came to this earth, we were spirits. We were spirits who lived with Heavenly Parents, a Mother and Father who loved us perfectly. They loved us for who we were and who we had the potential to become. Our love cups were overflowing. Because they love us to the moon and back and want the very best for us, these sweetie perfect parents sent us down to earth...But there is one problem. Earth is not heaven. We are here and They are there.

Though our wee human brains cannot remember life before this one, I think our spirits can. Our spirits remember what that ultimate love and acceptance feels like and they miss it. ...We know true love and acceptance exists. We just forgot where to find it. ..

We know what true belonging feels like. Sure, there [are] some things we can do that make us feel pretty good. Getting asked to prom by one of the popular guys is exciting. or so I'm told (shrug emoji). Growing your instagram following can feel pretty good too. But at the end of the day, those things are kind of like walking around in someone else's flip flops. It's fine, but something in us knows this isn't the real thing. Do you know what I mean? It's like taking a swig of Mr. Pibb when you ordered a Dr. Pepper . Something just ain't right."

So, if you'd like to go like my latest post on instagram that'd be great. I'd love you forever. But you know what I'd really love for you to do? Take a moment today, and every day to come, to remind yourself that you do belong. You have Heavenly Parents that love you for you, and for who you will become. Remember that you DO belong. And that that belonging isn't based on likes or popularity. You belong because of who you are. At this very moment. And even if you do change, you'll still belong. And that's a fact- one that isn't going to change.