My Little Brother is Married!!!

I'm not really sure how he got old enough to be getting married, but, my little brother tied the knot this past weekend.

I'm sitting here trying to think how I can do this story justice. But, their story starts the same as most fairy tales do...

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl. She was as lovely as she was sweet and kind.

One day she met a Prince. He was a little quirky, but also a true gentleman.

They talked, they laughed, and hopefully, a duet or two was sung.

They fell in love, and were married for time and all eternity.

But, unlike most fairy tales, this wasn't their happily ever after. This was just the beginning of their greatest adventure yet.

I think they make a pretty cute couple.

I also think my brother got PRETTY lucky.

The whole day was really nice. The sealing (wedding ceremony) was beautiful. The sealer said something I really liked. They have each other, but they also have a loving Heavenly Father who loves them, and wants to help them succeed. It doesn't mean life will be easy, in fact, because this is the path they've chosen it might guarantee it being a little harder. But, living the gospel is simple. Not easy, but simple.

I think they'll be ok. At least their kids will be cute. They're gonna have cute little blonde haired, blue eyed babies that have NO chance in the sun. And, after watching the bride interact with all her nieces and nephews, I have a feeling they'll have scored pretty big in the mom department too.

Here's your token photo of some of the fam. When we get the pictures from the photographer I'll replace this one, and add a few that actually show our little family sans Blake and my brother who is in France.

Unfortuantly I can't be in a photo and take it too...well, not in this case anyway.

Also, because this is suppose to be a modest clothing blog, I highly recommend, both mine and my Mom's dress. My dress here. And my Momma's dress here.