Modest Finds (1.14)

Today is kind of a sad day in my books. It's September, which means fall is right around the corner. I'm almost ready for it to come, but I am going to miss the sunshine and warmth of summer.

So, here's my last more summery looking compilation of modest finds. I mean, everything could easily transition into your fall wardrobe (just add booties, a chunky sweater, or jean jacket), but I have a feeling the items I post from here on out may have a bit more of a "pumpkin spice" feel to them haha.

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1. Frill Sleeve Tee- Bought this shirt while I was in Florida. It's a cotton modal blend, as is absolutely dreamy feeling. It comes is 8 different colors. You can't go wrong with this top.

2. Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt- I ordered this sweatshirt, but after trying it on I don't think I'll be keeping it. It's adorable. But it's just not my style. If you like your clothes to have a little more flair though, this sweatshirt is definitely for you. It has a bunch of different color options, and is really comfy and soft.

3. Embroidered Sage Dress- Isn't this dress dreamy? And it looks soo comfy. This is a dress I wouldn't mind having in my closet right now.

4. Belted Denim Skirt- Once upon a time I bought my own fabric to make the perfect denim dress. 3 years later it's still not finished. Maybe I should just get this one.

5. Cotton Circle Skirt- Good thing I won't be going to a Uniqlo anytime soon. It would be pretty hard not to buy basically all the skirts they have right now.

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