We All Poop

Did the title grab your attention? Good.

Now hopefully I can keep it haha.

Depending on where you live school has started, or in the next few weeks is going to start pretty soon. Shame on me for reminding you.

I've always loved the back to school shuffle. For me, each year was a chance to start over, and be the person I wanted to be. Spoiler alert- it never went how I wanted it to. I would carefully plan out my first day of school outfits, try to convince my mom to finally buy me a cool back to school wardrobe (also didn't work), meticulously pick out and decorate my school supplies, and figure out how I would "up the anti" on my locker decorating game that year. All of this was done in the hopes that that year would be the year I became cool.

Each year came and went, and my dreams of climbing the social ladder dashed. Looking back, I'm pretty grateful for that. Especially because in little Rochester, New York, there are really only three past times you do to be cool.



And sex.

I'm more of a make crafts, and bake [pot free] treats kind of girl myself. It never would have worked out.

Anyway, every year, I would comb through magazines, and watch TV shows trying to find the key to being cool and looking sexy. I just couldn't understand how some girls just had it all- the friends, the clothes, the looks, and, if we're being completely honest, the boobs.

As an outsider looking in, they were perfect. In my mind, they had the perfect life.

And for some strange reason, my life just never was that perfect. It didn't matter what I did. It just never measured up to what I saw those other kids living, doing and being.

(as you can see here, my boobs finally did appear. so, I want you to know, there is hope.)

Ok, let's doing a little time traveling, and fast forward to my mission. I was now 21, and had become confident, and, maybe a little cocky. I was sure of myself. I knew I had worth. I knew my thoughts and opinions mattered. I had something to contribute to this world, and anyone who knew me, pitied the fool who tried to tell me differently. I had figured out where REAL worth comes from, and that was the indisputable fact that I was (and still am) a daughter of God. Life was great.

I had figured out how to dress my skinny, awkward self. I had decided I was cute, not sexy, and was 100% ok with that. I was proud of my accomplishments. And had decided that I was fine just the way I was. No need to try and be someone else, I wouldn't be good at it anyway. As part of that, I'd learned to accept my faults, mistakes, and where I lacked too. It was part of what made me me, and that was ok.

From the outside looking in, some may have thought I had it all.

I knew better, but I'd stopped dwelling on what I lacked, and celebrated what I had, and could do.

I'd found true power from really feeling and believing Heavenly Father had my back. And that was pretty awesome.

Anyway, I got out into the mission field. I was cute, everyone loved my missionary clothes, and, I got along great with the Japanese people (I'm pretty positive I was born in the wrong country). I sucked at speaking the language, I started developing bunions because I'd made poor shoe choices, and thanks to an unknown gluten/ soy allergy, my butt itched for about 16 months of my mission.

I learned lots. And to say that is really an understatement. I could probably write a book. It's be called "Learning Life Lessons the Hard Way" with a subtitle about how that had nothing to do with the fact that some of them where in Japanese.

One of the biggest and best of those lessons was that we all poop. It might have also been the hardest.

As a missionary you are assigned to a other random missionary, and spend at least 5-6 weeks with them. Sometimes it ends up being more. Depending on your relationship with them, that can either be the best thing ever, or, the slowest and longest period of your life up to that point.

If you don't know anything about LDS missions, when you are assigned to this other missionary, they become what we call, your companion. You literally spend 24/7 with them. Where you go, they go. And where they travel, you follow. You never get a break.

Living in close quarters with someone, for that long, means that you have nowhere to hide your dirty laundry. It eventually ends up all over your beautiful tatami floor. This can be really hard. It can also cause problems. But, we're going to talk about something positive that came out of it. Something that, if I hadn't had my companion experiences, I might never have realized.

We all poop.

We also all have insecurities.

We all have hard days.

We all look a little less than our best when we wake up.

We all eat.

We all sleep.

We all have quirks.

Nobody is perfect.

Because of the way we live (especially thanks to social media) we miss out on the truth behind people's lives. We don't see the behind the scenes. We aren't aware of what others might be dealing with or going through. We just don't know.

When you look across the room, or hallway, or the store in the mall, you might notice someone and see perfection. Have you ever thought that to someone else, you might be that image of perfection to someone else in the room?

They don't know that you changed your outfit six times before leaving the house, or that you feel like you're having a bad hair day. They don't know that your dog just died, or that you feel really uncomfortable about meeting new people.

Perfection is a lie. No one is perfect. And, at least in this life, we ain't gonna be.

You won't ever measure up in the game of comparison. You can't compare your behind the scenes, to the little snippet of someone else's life you get to see. And, chances are you won't get the opportunity to live with them 24/7 for months at a time, so snippets are all you're ever going to see.

So, as you start the new school year, and if you're anything like me, and are worried about how others might see you, or start getting caught up in how others seem to "have it all," I want you to tell yourself to knock it off and remember this-it really doesn't matter, because you know what? We all poop.

P.s. Outfit details

Shirt can be found here

Shoes are here

The Jumper is from Banana Republic last winter. I couldn't find anything similar.