Modesty Finds (1.13)

Well, it looks like my 'long live summer' declaration is going to be a little bit harder to maintain than I anticipated. Thanks to the world of fast fashion that we live in, fall clothing is starting to appear everywhere...

My finds for you this week are still pretty summery, but with the fall season quickly approaching, I don't know what the next round up will look like.

But, until then, enjoy!

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1. Tassel Dress- So this isn't really my style, but I thought it was fun and different. Also, it's 100% cotton, and I've heard really good things about Roolee ( I just ordered my first dress from there- the shipping was super quick!)

2. Asymmetrical Embroidered Top- Ok, if I had an H&M near me, I would totally go get this top. Isn't it adorable?? AND, it's cotton!

3. Embroidered Dress- I love, love, love the embroidery on the front of this dress. It's soo pretty!

4. Red Wrap Skirt- I always try my hardest to find items made of natural materials. Unfortunately this is polyester. But, it looks like it flows

5. Denim Skirt- Apparently the fashion world is trying for the 100th time to make long denim skirts a thing. Maybe this one will help the cause.

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