Modesty Finds (1.12)

Everyone is starting to share their back to school/ yay it's fall outfits. Uh guys, we still have one more month of summer, and over 30 days where, according to the fashion world, we are still allowed to wear white. So, because in the world of Kirstin, it's all about summer, you can count on me to continue sharing summer worthy styles for a bit longer.


1. Grey striped t-shirt- I just bought this. I love it. It's boyfriend style, so it's loose and comfy. It's also 100% cotton!!! It's taking a lot of control not to buy some more in different colors. Old Navy tip- buy t-shirts in store. If they're having a sale, they will always be cheaper than online. I got mine for $6.

2. Ruffle Midi Skirt- Isn't this adorable? It comes in black, and navy too (navy doesn't have many sizes left though). 100% cotton, and 100% cute. Also, Gap still makes pretty high quality items in my opinion. If I didn't already own a bunch of ruffle skirts, I'd get this one as well.

3. Striped Dress- I think this dress is SO cute. And, the buttons actually work. Right now there are a lot of dresses and skirts coming out that have buttons just sewn on for... fun?

This could totally transition into fall too. #jeanjackets

4. Overall Dress- Ok, I know it's corduroy, and that can get hot, but look at this thing. I had to share it now, so you all could buy it before it disappears. 'Cus it will. When I get back to Utah, I'm heading to their store and trying it on. I'm not sure how it will fit/ if it will be long enough on me. But for all you out there with normal length legs, I'd say this is a win.

5. Cotton Button Down- I have four, maybe five, of these shirts and I absolutely love them. They are so nice in the summer, they fit beautifully, and H&M just has so many color options. So far, they all wash really nicely too.

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