A Little Life Update

I'm gonna be honest. As I'm writing this, I'm a little frustrated. But, you need the "life update" to understand why.

My internship has been done for a little while. I miss it. A lot.

It was just so fun to have an excuse to craft everyday. And, there were project deadlines, so projects actually got done.

Fun fact about me; I love starting craft projects. And I enjoy purchasing craft supplies for future projects a little too much. Needless to say, I have a very full crafting space of mostly unfinished projects.

I also loved the work environment at The House that Lars Built. It was lovely. Fun, supportive, and positive.

Actually, they're hiring interns for fall semester. If you can do it, you should. You won't regret it.

Anyway, back to the update.

At the end of June we went to Arizona for a week, and visited Blake's family.

The highlights of the trip were the Gilbert LDS Temple, and the botanical gardens.

Blake's sister got us this super cool pass (that she checked out from her library) to get us into the gardens for free. That was awesome for two reasons. One, 'cus free rocks, but also because it was SO stinking hot the day we went. We saw what we wanted and left, and didn't feel a tad guilty about not getting our money's worth.

Somewhere between the beginning and end of that trip we decided it would be a good idea to move. We'd find somewhere new for the fall. Our lease is up in August, and we haven't enjoyed the place we've been stuck in for the last two years. Our house was gross, we were charged way too much for rent, and I was tired of paying someone else a whole lot for barely the bare minimum. There's a brutally honest google review of this place just waiting to happen... I'm just waiting to see if we get any of our deposit back.

So, we got home from AZ on a Wednesday, and by that Saturday we were packed up, and all of our stuff was shoved into a storage unit down the road.

Everything just fell into place. It was crazy. By Wednesday night we had a storage unit, and boxes. Thursday through Friday we had friends showing up to help move and pack all our junk. WE had dinners made and brought to us. And, most importantly, I found babysitters for all my beloved plants.

It was one miracle after another. And, we had some real life angels.

There is no way we could have done it without help from friends and family.

You're might be thinking 'why did you need to be all packed up so quickly?'

It's a simple reason really. Blake was leaving for Brazil that Sunday.

We still had two more months of our contract, but because he loves me soo much, he wanted it all to be done before he left.

He's just sweet like that.

So on Sunday, we left for the airport, and maybe a mile or two from the airport, one of our tires decides it's done. We're still not sure how, or why the tire went flat, but it did, and we found ourselves stuck on the side of the road. But, the miracles continued.

Blake was worried that the tire going flat was a sign he shouldn't go to Brazil. I told him no. My reasoning- the tire that had popped was one that he had recently gotten sold to. AS. A. SINGLE. TIRE. Who does that? I told him only someone who was possessed by Satan would sell a single tire. Clearly, Satan was trying to keep Blake from the best summer ever. I thought it was pretty sound reasoning. I was also stoked that I now had a reason to go get my money back for that tire.

But back to the story-

We happened to be stuck at the a few yards from an on ramp. The on ramp just happened to be the same one Blake's Aunt would use if she were to go to the airport. We called her, and she was there within minutes. I honestly don't know how she got there so fast.

She came down the ramp, and we ran to her car, and hopped in. It felt like something out of an action movie.

We got Blake to the airport. He made his flight. We got the spare tire put on my car. And I made it home safe and sound, and VERY slowly.

Who says miracles don't happen nowadays?

Because Blake was going to Brazil for the summer, we decided I should go home for the summer. No way was I staying in Utah all by my lonesome.

I had a few days before I left for New York.

I tied up all the loose ends with our nasty apartment.

Chopped all my hair off.

Got the tire situation under control.

And, I got to ride in a brand new forester all the way to the airport.

When I got to the airport I was informed that my flight was delayed, and because of that, I would miss my connecting flight. We tried to find another flight, but the there wasn't another flight until tomorrow. Poop.

I was super sweet to the baggage lady (it's not her fault the flight was delayed and she did not deserve the sass other passengers where giving the workers next to us) and she was trying as hard as she could to be helpful. After a little while she found out that/ or maybe asked someone to request the plane to be held in the connection city. Turns out, there were over 30 people on my flight who needed to get on that connection. Because there were so many, they could hold the flight!! #miracle

I made it home. And it's been great. Rochester in the summer is my favorite. It might get hot and sticky, but that's got nothing on all the berries and fruit that is available for the picking and eating. I've spent every morning, until this week actually, eating berries off of bushed for breakfast. And then for lunch and dinner, there is the best cherries, peaches, and watermelon you probably have never tasted.

Sometimes you don't realize how great home is until you've been gone a while. And I have definitely been gone long enough.

Ok, so part of my update was going to be the obnoxious search for a new apartment has been. I cannot stand it! The apartment hunt in Utah is RIDICULOUS. $100 application fees? $1000 deposits where you are only guaranteed to get three quarters of that back?? And for what? An apartment that was built 50 years ago, and doesn't even have central air. Umm, I don't think so. I feel nothing but disgust towards the people who are taking advantage of all the poor college students and their need for housing.

BUT, by the time I was finished writing this post, I had a few missed calls and messages from Blake telling me that he found a place for us to stay! The fact that we have this place is also a miracle. And, the people we will be renting from seem pretty fair and honest (and nice!!)- which is amazing! But, this post is long enough, so that is a story for another day.

Moral of this whole long story, miracles happen. Heavenly Father's got your back. And, when we count our blessings, it makes room for a few more to come our way. The proof is right here in this post.