Modesty Finds (1.11)

It's getting hot over here in New York. Anyone else feeling the heat? Or the sweat??

Here are a few finds to help you cool off, since running around in our underwear really isn't the best option. Remember, try to wear natural fabrics- they let your body breath and cool off.

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1. Short Sleeve Button Down- This is a shirt I think everyone should have in their closet. I have a linen version that I wear under things, over things, and just by itself. In my opinion it's a modesty must have. Should I do a post on all the ways it can be styled??

2. Not Too Cheeky One- Piece- Has anyone else gotten a swimsuit, slipped it on, and then, realized in horror that basically your whole butt was hanging out? Yup, it sucks. I'm thinking this swimsuit is safe though. It's definitely a little bit higher, but I don't think it's wedgie inducing. It's at least worth a try on, there are so many different color and pattern options, and the scoop back is perfect!

3. Striped Shirt Dress- My mom just got a blue dress like this and I absolutely love it. It looks perfect on her. So, here is the green and white, less expensive version of the dress. Isn't it adorable?

4. Midi Skirt- For all you color loving people out there, this is the skirt for you! This skirt comes in bright pink, and bright blue. And, because it's a cotton- linen blend, it's perfect for summer.

5. Striped Henley Dress- If you've heard of Land's End, you deserve a prize. That's where this dress is from. Unfortunately this store has a bit of an "old fart" feel, but they have some really cute pieces. And, the best part, they are guaranteed. Period. Land's End stands behind their product in a way very few companies do these days. You know what that means? They last. You pay a little bit more, but it's totally worth it.