The Best Kept Secret to Dressing Modestly in the Summer (while staying cool)

I've been itching to write this post for a while because, contrary to popular belief-


Woo! That felt good to say.

I can feel your summer getting a little cooler already.

Alright, are you ready for the secret???

Of course you are.

The secret to staying cooler in the summer, despite dressing modestly, and being all covered up, is your fabric choice.

Are you ready for another secret?

The majority of what is being sold to us, women, is GARBAGE.

A lot of the fabrics we wear do not even deserve to be called that.

They are plastics.

Synthetic trash.

Fabrics like polyester, nylon, and acrylic (i.e. what you see most on your clothing material tags) aren't real.

I mean, they are real in the sense that they exist. Not real, because it's not what fabric should be made of.

Because these fabrics aren't natural, they don't breathe.

Because they don't breathe, your body can't naturally cool itself off.

And because your body can't cool off, you're gonna get HOT.

The solution?

Buy clothing made of natural fibers.

Look for clothing made of cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, modal, and even wool, and cashmere.

Silk is also a natural fabric, but from my experience silk and sweat are not a good combo.

(current favorite linen top from Target)

Cotton, and linen seem like obvious summer choices right? They're light fabrics, and (hopefully) you've been told at least once in your life that cotton is great to wear in summer.

Wool, believe it or not, is also an awesome summer choice.

Wool reacts to your body. So, if you're cold, it warms you up, if you're warm, it cools you down.

I learned that during my days at Banana Republic. I couldn't understand why we kept getting Merino wool sweaters in the summer. Luckily, someone explained it too me.

I don't think I've ever owned a hemp piece of clothing, but apparently, it's got quite the following.

There are some who even go as far to say hemp is superior to cotton.

The fiber is more durable, it absorbs body odor (who doesn't want that in the summer?), and works as both insulator and cooler, like wool.

Modal and bamboo you have to look out for. It could be natural, it also, might not be.

We were taught at Banana that modal breathes, and wears like cotton, but is softer, and more durable. When wet, the fibers actually get stronger, making it ideal for machine washing.

BUT, reconstituted wood, or bamboo pulp, is a far cry from natural. They go through too many processes, and end up being not so natural. Interesting, right?

In my opinion, the only downside to buying natural fabrics is the cost. They tend to be a little more expensive. And, cheap, fast fashion clothing stores tend to carry less natural fabrics, and more synthetic. This makes shopping a little trickier. Not only are you spending more money, but you're also spending a little more time looking for clothes.

There is an upside to this though. At least, I consider it an upside. Since making the commitment to try and fill my closet with only natural fabrics, the amount of clothes I buy has decreased significantly. That's less money spent in the long run, and, my clothing lasts! My cotton pieces get softer over time, anything wool still looks like the day I got it, and I'm slowly building a wardrobe I love.

AND, I'm not as hot in the summer.