Modesty Finds (1.10)

Hey guys, as usual, I'm super excited to share my modesty finds this week. I know, I know, I say it every week, but these 5 items I particularly love. These are my colors, and I wish each piece could hop in my closet right now.

So, without further ado, let me show you where you can get them.

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1. Flutter Sleeve Top- It wouldn't be a modest find post without something from Uniqlo. Unfortunately, they just had a free shipping promo, and I totally missed it! It's 100% cotton, with the cutest little eyelet detailing on the sleeve. AND, it comes in 5 colors. I love the olive (and will probably be grabbing it when I go to Florida next month), but you can also get it in white, red, navy, and black.

2. Windowpane Romper- I am all about just about anything with a windowpane print on it. Don't as me why. This romper has pockets, and has the cutest cinched waist detail. I LOVE it! It's taking a lot of self control not to buy it right now. It's so dang cute!

3. Jean Jumper- Ok, so I went back and forth on whether or not I should do this dress. Obviously, if you aren't wearing a t-shirt or something under it it is totally not modest. But who does that right? Let me tell you, people do, and it is NOT cute. I don't think America has mastered the art of side-boob, nor, do I have much hope in us ever figuring it out. Moral of the story? Please, please, please wear something underneath it. It would look pretty cute with the Uniqlo shirt...just saying..

4. Paper bag Waisted Skirt- You'll never guess where this skirt is from- Forever 21!! It's a cotton- linen blend, and has pockets. I'm totally running to the F21 here to see if they have it. No one wants a modest skirt in NY, so I'm sure I'll find it.

5. Blue striped Skirt- 100% cotton, and 100% cute! This skirt is also from F21. Guys, I'm super impressed with their modest skirt collection this summer. They deserve a round of applause.