Modest Finds (1.9)

Guys I'm super excited for this week's modesty roundup. I'm kind of in love all of it.

Any guesses which piece I love most???

(Hint: it's a tie between number 2 and 3 on the list)

1. Striped Yellow Dress- Is this not the most perfect dress for summer??? It's loose, lightweight, and I think one would look pretty cute licking a popsicle in it.

2. Purple Ruffled Skirt- I LOVE this skirt. It comes in red, pink, and white with black polka dots. Also, did I mention it's 100% cotton?? What are you waiting for, go order one (or two if you want to get me one too)!

3. White Midi Shirt Dress- I apologize for the not so great picture of this one. You'll have to check out the link to see it's awesomeness. If you're looking for a birthday present for me, this is it. Right here. 100% cotton, and a little on the loose side, and perfect for muggy Rochester summers.

4. Sushi Tee- I couldn't resist. Also cotton, and in my experience J. Crew and the factory store both make some pretty high quality tees. P.S. How cute would this be with the ruffle skirt???

5. Ruffle Sleeve Top- Fun, light weight, and a decent price. This linen blend top is a win, win, win.