DisneyLand Dapper Day!

I've been wanting to go to Dapper Day since the day I heard about it. Who doesn't want to run around Disneyland in gorgeous vintage dresses? It just seems so dreamy.

So, I thought everyone knew about Dapper Day, but it turns out they don't.

Here's the quick run down-

Twice a year Dapper Day, the organization, "hosts" a spring outing and a fall outing to the Disney parks, where everyone dresses up in their finest and most dapper apparel. They do a good job trying not to discriminate what you can and can't wear, but, it seems like most people dress up in '40's tp 50's wear. Beautiful dresses, and ridiculously great suits. I love it!!!

It is NOT the same as Disney bounding. You don't need to dress up and pay homage to a certain character.

You just dress your best, with a vintage twist.

I went with my friend Kayla, and we both ended up wearing blue dresses.

Her's had a little bit of an Alice and Wonderland twist.

Mine came out of my grandma's closet.

My dress does not have sleeves, so, I got together with a family friend, and she helped fit a pattern to me, to make a little top.

Normally I'm anti nude fabric under sheer, but, I wanted to stay period appropriate, and I had about half a yard of fabric to work with.

Options were limited, and I didn't want to alter my dress anymore than I needed to.

I think it turned out pretty great!

I wore pearls that my dad gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

I got my gloves from Amazon, and my shoes from Target.

And my hair...it was a mess. In this case, rollers are a girls best friend.

It was my first time at Disneyland, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

Who wants to go with me in November???