5 Ways to Make Every Day like International Women's Day.

Ok, so full disclosure here. This post is totally inspired by my mini rant/ temper-tantrum I threw on instagram the other day. I couldn't even do social media March 8th. It was just a little infuriating to me. I know, I know, you're thinking, "Gosh Kirstin, the things you choose to get your panties in a bunch over..." It's bad, I know.

Jokes on you though. I don't wear panties.

A few years ago I took the most amazing English 101 class. If there are any Rochester MCC goers out there, take Blake, you won't be sorry. Unless you hate working and using your brain. Then, maybe you'll be sorry.

Anyway! We learned about this thing called slacktivism. You're probably wondering one of two things; first, why were we learning about that in an english class, and second, what the heck is that?

To answer your first question- I really wasn't kidding when I said that class was amazing. We talked about things that made you think! It was fantastic. Seriously MCC goers, I really recommend this class.

Second question- Slacktivism is the act of posting on social media about a social cause, or a current issue that, essentially, makes the poster feel good about themselves, but in actuality, does little or nothing for that cause.

Now, I'm not saying everything on social media that day was slacktivism. People genuinely feel passionate about how wonderful women are, and all the rights they deserve. But, the fact that this happens on a large scale, only once a year, or when someone in the public eye says something offensive, and we all passive aggressively retaliate on social media, really bothers me. Why aren't we building up women every single day?? Why are we not putting out all that positivity every single freakin day???

So, because I think we should treat every day like International Women's Day, here is a list of easy things we can do every day to make each day feel like International Women's Day.

1. Share the love! Tell someone how much you love and appreciate them. Post a photo of you two on social media, send them a text, give them a call, or write a note. Sometimes the people who matter most to us don't even know it!

2. Bring the clothes you don't wear anymore to a women's shelter, or give them to refugees. They deserve to feel beautiful and empowered, just like the rest of us. Give them something better than your old, worn out junk.

3. Do you have a friend with kids? Offer to babysit them. Unfortunately, it's not socially acceptable, as a mother, to say you are overwhelmed, and need a break. It's still not really ok to ask for help. So, do your friend a hue favor, and offer the help. Let her go out, and give herself a little TLC, while you play her adorable kids for an hour or two.

4. Volunteer your time at a local Women's shelter. Google Women's shelter near me, and google with give you one! Mine is literally right around the corner from me!

5. Educate yourself. This is SO important. It is so easy to hop on the band wagon, and agree with whoever is yelling the loudest. Don't do it. Please! We need strong women who can lead, who think for themselves, and who can discern the good from the bad.

Like my shirt says, women support women. Let's do what we can EVERYDAY to show love, respect, tolerance and support to one another. Everyday is Women's Day, not just March 7th.