Modest Finds- The Swim Files

Spring break, and hopefully warmer weather, is coming!!! So, I'm gonna save you some time, and make finding the perfect modest swimsuit easy for you. Personally, I'm a two-piece kind of girl. The wedgies, and close calls as I'm trying to get my swimsuit off to pee just aren't appealing to me. But, if I were willing to commit to an accident, or an eternal wedgie, here are some of the swimmers I'd choose.

If you keep scrolling, I've also made a decent sized list of all the places you can find cute modest swimwear this season. They're organized by price range. You're welcome.

And, I'd just like to make a plug for love, right here, right now.

A few years ago I came across a post of a super cute mom holding her baby on the beach. She had a two piece swimsuit on, and about 3 inches of her mid-drift were showing. In my opinion, there was NOTHING inappropriate about it. And I've seen many once- piece swimsuits that were a whole less modest than the two piece she was wearing.

Quite a few people did not think she was wearing a modest swimsuit, and there were hundreds and hundreds of comments from people ripping her apart. They did not feel that her swimsuit matched her religions dress standards, and also felt that it was their job to tell her off. I couldn't believe it!! I'd never stumbled across anything like that before!

So, here is your official reminder, before swimsuit season starts, that how someone chooses to dress modestly is between them and God. It is none of your business. Modesty standards were not put in place as a way to justify us shaming and judging others. Let me repeat that. Modesty standards were not put in place as a way to justify us shaming and judging others. Be kind. Be respectful. And if you don't like the way someone is dressing, it is not your place to call them out on it. Ok?

I hope that didn't scare you off. Continue the scroll for lots of swimsuit goodness.

1. Yellow Ruffle- I just really love yellow swimsuits. I've never owned one, but I love them. Hurry this one is running out quick!

2. Stripes and Citrus- This suit reminds me of Florida. I love it. I also have the bottoms, so I'm a little partial to the pattern.

3. Green Seersucker- I think this is soo cute! Anthro always has some really nice one pieces.

4. Swimmer swimsuit- J. Crew has done it again! Isn't this adorable???

5. Bright stripes- I am absolutely in love with the idea of this swimsuit. But unfortunately for me, it's a lot brighter than pictured, and I just don't like bright on me

6. Lemons- I totally have a thing for lemons right now. Maybe it's because of where I'm interning...

7. Blue and White Stripes- Two words; bold and beautiful.

And now, a pretty impressive list of all the places you can find modest Swimmers

If you're looking for a deal on a swimsuit. you'll want to check out one of these places. I absolutely love swimsuits from Old Navy. They fit beautifully, and they last! I've had more expensive swimsuits wear out after a season of wearing them, but Old Navy suits last for years.

Target has really stepped up their modest swimsuit game. There are some cuties!


Old Navy

Cotton on


These next 6 places are, what I would say, has become the average price for a suit. Most of these shops are also self proclaimed modest swimsuit stores. I just got my first pair of Janela Bay bottoms, so I'm excited to try those out once Utah decides it's done snowing. I have Albion Fit bottoms that I absolutely love! They are gorgeous, and have held up pretty well.

If you haven't noticed, I have a bottoms problem. I'm always buying swim bottoms, and no tops.

Coral reef swim


Kortni Jeane

Janela Bay

Kingdom and State

Rad Swim

Beverly Swimwear

Albion fit


Billie Jo Clothing

Theses last few are a little bit more on the pricey side, but they do have modest swimsuits! I am currently obsessed with Shopbop's striped one pieces. If I were to wear a one piece, it'd be one of those. And J. Crew just knows how to do modest swimsuits right. They are all soooo cute!Who doesn't want a gingham or seer-sucker suit?

J. Crew


Raising Wild


**If you know of anywhere else, let me know! I'd love to add it to the list.