Outfit Inspiration for a Warmer Day

I am in love with this dress. I'm waiting for it to get warm again in Utah so I can wear it.

It's from Old Navy, and I am kind of surprised that it hasn't sold out yet.

Maybe it's because of the sleeves. I'm not a big fan of the sleeves, that's why I rolled mine.

But you just can't go wrong with this dress, paired with leather sandals. Am I right, or am I right?

Dress here.

Similar sandals here.

In other news...

I had a break through the other night. A big one. And possibly, it was about something I already knew. But, I needed to have an ah-ha kind of moment to realize it.

My dream/ target audience is not all inclusive. It is not everybody. It's not all women. I wanted it to be. And, I think that's been hurting me.

Now, don't get me wrong, everybody is invited to read this blog, wear the clothes I eventually produce, and participate in the sometime in the future activities and events I hope to some day host. I would never want someone to feel like they can't come.

I'm doing all of this for the 17 year old girl, who feels like she'll never be cool, because she has to wear skirts to her knees. I'm doing this for the girl, or woman, who lives out East, and feels like regular clothing stores have nothing to offer her. I'm doing this for the girl, that has fed into the lie, that they aren't good enough. And I'm doing this for the girl who thinks living her religion just isn't something she's really that in to.

This is for the girl who stares into the mirror wondering if she'll ever be good enough. For the girl who doesn't know how powerful she really is. For the girl who needs that little push of encouragement to send her on her way to greatness. For the girl who needs someone in her conrer.

So, if you're that girl, stick around. Tell me what you need, and I'll deliver. We're a team. We need to stick together, 'cus we're stronger together. From here on out, I'm going to try to be the blogger/ whatever I am, I wish I could've found when I was younger, and needed truth. I didn't find it, so I got lost in the world. And, while I'm grateful for those experiences now, I sure did waste a lot of time stumbling around in the dark.

So, lets make this the little light in cyber world, shining through for all those who need it. Ok? Ok.

(Yes I know, this isn't a telescope, but you can see some sleeve rolled perfection.)