The Weeks Modesty Finds (1.4)

1. Pleated Skirt- While I was in LA I got this skirt in green and white. It was all I could do not to buy it in the khaki and navy options too. This skirt is seriously perfect. It hits right above the knee, and creates an amazing silhouette. Also, it's made out of this cool, quick drying material.

2. Light Blue Dress- I just bought this dress and am loving it! Too bad here in Utah it's not weather appropriate.. Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of the flare sleeves, so I just rolled them up, which gives the dress a little more of a casual, laid back feel.

3. Knot Detail Dress- This dress looks adorable on. It comes in black and red, and goes to right above your knees. If that doesn't sell you, the price definitely will.

4. Jumpsuit- I'm slowly running out of reasons why I shouldn't own this jumpsuit. Isn't it adorable? Totally modest, and, I'm sure it would be a dream in the summer since it's a little bit looser. It also comes in blue!

5. Sweater- The one thing that I do like about colder weather is that I get to wear sweaters. They can make any outfit instantly modest. And in the best way possible. How cute is this sweater?

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