DIY Valentines

I am soooo excited to show you these!

What you will need:

-Toy animals

-Gold paint (I would suggest spray paint)

-Clear Sealer

-4mm and 6mm sized Jump Rings (I got mine at Joann Fabrics in a pack that came with 3 different sizes)

-Eye screws

-Split Rings

-Embroidery Floss

-Washi Tape




Step 1: Paint your animals. I hand painted mine, and that was seriously a big mistake. 16 layers of paint later, I'm wishing I had just spray painted them. If you do want to paint them by hand, I suggest first painting your animals white or black, and then painting the gold on top of that base layer. It will go much quicker

Step 2: Let you animals completely dry, and then spray them with a sealer.

Step 3: Once the sealer is completely dry (follow wait time instructions on can) you are going to insert the little rings. This is hard. And if you're like me, you might feel a little guilty stabbing your animals too.

Great! Now your animals are all ready. Now for the tassels and key chain part. You can totally do this, while you are waiting for paint to dry.


If you don't know how to tie a tassel, here is a pretty awesome video to show you how. This video will explain things much better than I could.

I made my tassels much smaller than the video shows. My tassels used 12-13 strands of floss, and I cut them a little shorter. But, you are free to make your tassels whatever size your heart desires!

When you find the halfway point in your embroidery floss, before you make a knot, thread a 4mm jump ring onto the floss you will tie the know with. You need to add this jump ring onto your tassel so you can attach it to the key chain. It'll look like this, before you fold it over:

After you've folded it over, and tied your second knot, it should look like this:


Step 1: Insert eye screws into your painted animals

Step 2: You'll turn this into a keychain by connecting 7 little (4mm) jump rings to the eye screw, and then connect that to the split ring with a medium (6mm) sized jump ring. Use pliers.

STEP 3: Attach your tassel to the key chain with a medium (6mm) sized jump ring.

There you go! You did it!

Now all you need to do is attach your key chains to cards. I used washi tape for mine. I got it at Target in the dollar section (the best place to find anything at Target).

Here are the files for you cards! Be sure to print these on card stock, or a thicker paper.

Animal Valentine Cards HERE

Generic "You're driving me wild" Cards HERE

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