Valentine's Day Modest Finds (1.3)

Today we are mixing things up over here, and doing our modest finds today. That way, if you still need a dress for Valentine's Day, and you like one of these, you can order it, and get it on time.

So, I'm just slightly obsessed with dresses. And Valentines day.

Which means, you get more than 5 modest finds this week!! Woo-hoo!

Here they are!

1. Red Stripped Tee Dress- If you are going for casual, here is the dress for you. Don't you think it would look perfect with a pair of white keds?

2. Berry Everyday Tee dress- If you get this one, you won't just wear it on Valentine's Day, but everyday after that too! These dresses are super comfy, and easy to dress up or down. I love mine!

3. Buffalo Plaid Dress- I have this dress in blue, and I love how it hangs. It's comfy, and cute. Just be careful with sizing, I could've gone up a size in mine, because my shoulders were too broad for the XS. It also comes in pink!

4. Crop Top Dress- This dress is nursing friendly!!! For all you Mamas out there, here's a great dress for you! It's also final sale, so it's super clearanced!

5. Pink Wrap Dress- I'm trying to convince myself I don't need this dress. But let's be honest- it's perfect.

6. Velvet Wrap Dress- For all you velvet lovers, here is the dress for you. It comes in a couple different colors, all of which I think are perfect for V-day. And, this dress is also, super nursing friendly.

7. Pink Pleated Dress- I think this dress is gorgeous.

8. Velvet Flocked Shift Dress- This dress is also nursing friendly!!! When I get pregnant, I am going to gift myself one of these dresses.