I'm sure most of you have heard of affirmations, but have you heard of afformations?

Don't worry, I hadn't either. And apparently spell check hasn't either, because it keeps telling me I spelled it wrong...

When I started trying to build my dōTERRA business, I had the chance to do a training course, with mentors, and one of the major aspects of it was affirmations and afformations. Each week I got a new set of beliefs to work on, an affirmation and afformation to go along with them.

So, I'm not an expert, but I have had a lot of experience with them. And, they work.

"Was it luck? Nope, it was mindset." -Tonya Rineer

Our brains are POWERFUL. Our mind and brain are always looking for proof of what we think and believe. What we think and believe happens. Our brain makes sure it does. So, if we have nasty, negative thoughts, and only believe in doom and gloom, guess what you're going to see a lot of in your life? Yeah, freaking doom and gloom.

That's why it is SO important for us to change what we think.

Change your thoughts.

Change your beliefs.

It will change your life.

This is where the afformations and affirmations come in. Not sure what they are? Let me tell you.

An AFFORMATION is a question you pose to yourself to help your brain find how, where, and why, this statement is true. Personally, I think your question should be asked in the morning, then, your brain has the whole day to figure it out.

An AFFIRMATION is a statement, both positive and in the present tense. If you end the day with an affirmation, after thinking about your afformation question, then it reaffirms the belief, and truths you found during the day.

Here are a few of my favorite's for your viewing/ using pleasure.

(First is the afformation, and then underneath it is the affirmation)

Why am I good enough?

I am good enough.

Why am I powerful?I am powerful, capable, and strong.

Why am I so loveable?

I love and accept myself.

Did you find one you like? If not, you can totally make your own.

Once you have a belief, here's what you do.

In the morning, look directly into the mirror and ask "Why am I good enough?" Or, whatever you choose to work on.

During the day, your brain will get to thinking. This is a puzzle it needs to solve.

And then, in the evening, you'll look in the mirror one more time, and say "I AM GOOD ENOUGH."

If you point to yourself while saying it, it will make it even more powerful.

To make it even more impactful, you can also inhale essential oils as you're doing it too. (That's what I do.)

Well, there you go! I want to hear what you chose, or if you are going to make one up, I totally want to here what you made.

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