5 Modest Finds for the Week (1.2)

I'm gonna be honest. Finding goodies this week was a little tough. With the warm weather here in Utah, all I want to do is look at spring time dresses and skirts, when I really should be looking at winter wear. Blahhh.

Well, I did my best. Here are this weeks finds!

1. Ruffle Stripped Shirt

How cute is this??? IT's totally modest, totally adorable, and, with code MOREPLZ, totally affordable. It comes in navy and black. You can get it here.

2. Red Paper bag Skirt

I have a thing for paper bag skirts. I think they are fantastic. I love the silhouette, and my obsession my stem from this one time, 5 years ago, where I did not buy a paper bag skirt hI had my eye on, and I have regretted it ever since. This one is from ASOS, and while I don't particularly love the belt, and absolutely adore the skirt. Also, based on my experience with ASOS, you won't be disappointed with the fit or quality of the skirt.

3. Jersey Skirt

Yup, another jersey skirt. Told you I love them! This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It is my go to skirt. I have it in black and grey! I linked it in another post, but, if you didn't see it, here is where you can get it. (It's on sale right now!!)

4. Cotton Dress

Once upon a time, I had this dress in black. The sleeves might have been a little shorter, but I seriously loved that dress. It was my go to dress on the mission. It was short enough that it didn't catch in my bicycle wheels, stretchy enough that I could eat all I wanted without feeling restricted in it, and comfy enough that I wore it a little too much. It's super easy to layer, looks great belted, and I would imagine it looks fantastic with a jean jacket (something we weren't allowed to wear in our mission). At the end of my mission, I gave it to one of my companions, I figured she could use such a great dress. This is another ASOS piece, so you wont regret getting this dress.

5. Jersey Tee

This shirt is 50/50 cotton and modal for $12.99. What a deal!! I may be going and getting the green one for myself this weekend. This tee is soft and breathable, and I really like the cut of H&M t-shirts. They are seriously perfect. They scoop just enough to make you feel pretty, but aren't so low that you need to worry about anything falling out when you ben over. It comes in four different colors, check them out here.