Every year, most of us make New Year’s resolutions. And every year, most of us, don’t accomplish a large chunk of those resolutions.

I know last year, I did not. I was having a hard time coping with my new reality, and I let a lot of things fall through the cracks.

I wanted to be healthy- to eat right and exercise- but when it came down to it, I didn’t have the motivation to do either of those. I wanted to be more spiritual, and I wanted to be better about reading my scriptures, and praying, but when you feel like your Heavenly Father has abandoned you in the middle of a desert, it’s kind of hard to find the desire to do things that will bring you closer to him. Who knows what terrible thing I might feel I need to do next. I wanted to be successful in dōTERRA, to hit a certain pay level by a certain time, but I was too busy feeling guilty about the progress I hadn’t made, and drowning in the awkwardness of inviting my friends to use and buy oils. Guys, that goal, died a slow and painful death.

Other goals I half did. But, I think I might have been too busy feeling sorry for myself to fully commit to them.

This year is going to be different. And I am pulling out all the stops to ensure my goals are not only met, but exceeded. I want to stay motivated, but I also want to keep it real.

Everyone deserves a good year. 2018 is going to be my year. I think it should be your year too.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-secret secret. I do Essential Oils. I love them, I share them, I sell them. And so, to help us meet our goals this year, I want us all to tap into this amazing tool.


Essential Oil blends to be more exact.

I read what felt like a bujillion articles about the tops New Year’s resolutions we make each year. Ummm…no one really agreed on the same resolutions. Weird, right?

So, I’m going to clump our resolutions and goals into categories.

So, without further ado, here is a beautiful infographic I created. Yeah, I'm pretty proud.

If you're familiar with dōTERRA's Essential Oils, read no further. But if not, here are the details on each one of these fantastic oils.


Slim & Sassy- Helps promote a healthy metabolism (chemical constituents in the oils do this) and thanks to the grapefruit essential oil in it, it also helps curb appetites and cravings.

Digest Zen- Blended oils that help soothe the occasional upset stomach, and help reduce bloating and gas. This is a miracle oil to quite a few people, me not included. Good old peppermint works just fine for me. But you know what this does work for on me? Relieving sinus pressure. It was probably one of my greatest discoveries in 2017.

Zendocrine- Basically, this is a detox in a bottle. And, because essential oils are so potent, it’s actually MANY detoxes in a bottle.

Deep Blue- If you don’t have Deep Blue in your life, right now, you are missing out. It’s the more natural version of Icy Hot. It’s great for massages, and applying on sore, overworked, muscles for relief. This is someone who is getting back into exercises new best friend.

Yoga Collection- This is a new set of 3 oils, that came out last year. They smell amazing, and really bring your yoga practice to the next level.


Intune- This blend enhances the senses and helps you to stay focused. Who doesn’t need a little help with that when it comes to school, work, or learning a new skill?

Elevation- With a name like this, what do you think this blend does? Well, it helps elevate your mood, and promotes a sense of confidence and well-being. And, it’s an energizer.

Citrus Bliss- This blend is another mood boosting blend. IT energizes and releases stress. When diffused, it also purifies the air, thanks to all the citrus in it. Unlike the Elevation blend, it does not have Lavender (the only oil I really don’t like) in it, so this is personally my favorite out of the two.

Balance- Every time I inhale this blend, I am blown away by how good it smells. It’s the perfect combination of scents. It’s got amazing benefits, besides smelling good. It promotes tranquility, and works to bring balance to our mind and body, balancing emotions.

Aromatouch- This is dōTERRA’s massage blend. It’s a unique combination of oils designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. Blake and I use this blend when we give each other massages. Let me tell you, it is great. Especially if you’ve had a hard, long, and stressful day.

Serenity- Can’t sleep? This is the blend for you. I tell everyone about this. It is seriously amazing. This blend helps your body relax, so you can get the best quality sleep, regardless of if it’s a few hours, or a whole night. I have no problem falling asleep, but I definitely don’t get good quality sleep. This blend was a game changer. I don’t know what I would do without it. I take it in pill form, but there is also an oil blend.


Terrashield- This is the yummiest bug repellant you will ever smell, and the most effective one you will ever use. Do yourself a favor, and get this. You only need a few little dabs each time you use it, so the bottle also lasts a really long time.

Onuard- I don’t fly without this. I take it internally anytime I am flying or traveling. The blend is created to help boost your immune system. Who doesn’t need that when you are in a cramped plane, in which the air has been recirculated, who knows how many times, during your 6 hour flight. Uck.


Hope- Copied straight from dōTERRA’s website to do this blend justice: The full purchase price of each dōTERRA Hope Touch bottle is donated to the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, which supports efforts to fight sex-trafficking worldwide.

Want to make a purchase you can feel great about, and that will make a difference in the world. Here it is. Right here. And, it’s only $20.

All the oils- Ok, so there isn’t an oil to help you become financially free. There might be a few to help you over some blocks and limiting beliefs you have, but no magic money maker. But, selling essential oils, and sharing these amazing little gifts to others, could eventually get you there. It isn’t easy, and it is not a get rich quick scheme (although I might kind of wish it was), but, it will be so worth it in the end. You also meet new and amazing people, overcome a lot of the issues and blocks you didn’t know you had, and, you always smell good. Sound like something you’d like? Let me know.

Well folks, that’s all for today. I have an instagram account dedicated just to essential oil usage. It's full of tips and tricks, and it's one of the ways I support my little oil user clan. This month, I thought it would be fun to focus on some of the blends dōTERRA has created, and how they can support us reaching our New Year goals. @BASICOILLADY

If you'd like more details on these oils, or how each one works, you can contact me, or follow along on instagram or Facebook.

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