Stripes + The Boring Life

modest outfit inspiration, stripes

Monday will mark half way through January, and us being a 24th of the way through the year. It's already going by too quickly!

We've had (I think) unusually warm weather here in Utah. Lots of rain, no snow.

I love it.

You know what else I love?

This year so far.

On Tuesday I started taking ballet again. It's been at least a decade since I've stepped into a ballet studio.

My friend, who is taking the class with me, hasn't been in a studio since she was 8. She has me beat.

We got there late (oops) and had to hop right into barre. Because we'd missed the instructions for the barre 'routine' we just had to figure it as as we went. Great.

But guess what?! It wasn't that terrible! My body totally remembered what to do! It was crazy feeling it all come back to me! #soexciting

On our way home I was gushing about how fun it had been, and I realized something. Ballet isn't fun. To some, it might be considered pretty boring. But I love it!

Moral of the story: boring things excite me.

I've got further proof of this boring things excite me theory. I started an internship this semester.

No, I'm not in school.

And, no, I really don't need to be doing an internship.

But, I realized, back in the day, I used to just DO things. If I felt inspired to do something, I went for it. Somewhere, between back in the day, and now, I stopped doing that. How sad, right? That puts me on the road to a dreadfully boring life.

So, naturally, I needed to do something about it. I went for this internship.


So, for this semester, I'll be working for The House Lars Built, as a crafting intern. Woo-hoo!

And this is where further proof that I love boring things comes in.

As a crafting intern, one of my jobs is to make parts of upcoming projects. Or, paint walls (I'm told that will be over really soon though). Most people might find these things boring, and mundane. But I LOVE it!

I feel like I should say, The House Lars Built, is anything but boring. They are fun, and inspiring, and oh, so colorful.

But painting walls, that can be boring.

Outfit details: Striped shirt here, similar chambray here, skirt here(it's on sale!!), tights here, boots here (these are available in stores, I don't know why the site isn't up to date)