Top 5 Modest Finds for the Week 1.1

Happy Friday everyone!

So from here on out, I will sharing some modest picks I've found, a few times a month. Yay! Now you don't have to searched for them yourselves, you can come right here, every other Friday (or so). If you all really like this, I may do it more.

I absolutely love browsing on-line. It's kind of a problem. Because, in my case, browsing often leads to buying. And when you're suppose to be living on a budget, that's kind of not ok.

So, now I will channel my need-to-shop-energy for greater purposes, like sharing my modest finds with you!

1. Stripped Tee (the one I'm wearing in the picture)

Now, you might think there is nothing special about this stripped shirt. You're saying "Kirstin, we can find stripped tees on our own, don't waste one of your precious find spots on this." Guys, I promise it isn't a waste. I bought this shirt last week, and I am IN LOVE!

First off, it was only $10. That's kind of a big deal to me, because this shirt is a cotton- modal blend. Have you heard of modal? Basically, it's made from tree fiber (yes, tree fiber) and is the softest thing ever! Because it is a natural fiber, it breathes like cotton, but, it washes WAY better. When the fibers get wet, they get stronger, meaning, it washes even better than cotton.

It is also pretty long- so no bellies hanging out, and pretty thick and NOT see through for a white shirt. So, you know what this is? a WIN, WIN, WIN.

2. Plaid sheath dress

I just bought this dress a while ago and am still loving it. I get so many compliments in it! Depending on what your modesty standards are, this may not be modest for you. If you need sleeves, here's the shirt you can pop under it, and wear it like I do!

3. Belted Skirt

SO, I don't have this skirt, but i do have one from Uniqlo's sister store in Japan. It's a pretty great skirt. Classic cut and fit, while still being modest and cute. My skirt in jersey though, so I am really tempted to get one of these!!

4. Everyday Shirt Dress

I have one of these dresses and I LOVE it. It is sooo comfy. Just be careful when you're ordering your size. I think the sizing may have been redone. My first dress was a small, and when I ordered another small it was MUCH to big. There are 3/4 length sleeves and long sleeve dresses. Be careful, you won't be able to buy just one.

5. Midi Jersey Skirt

I love a good jersey skirt. Or ten. You know, whichever. I had a grey old navy skirt like this one on my mission, and it became a STAPLE piece. Unfortunately, by the end of my time in Japan, it had a permanent bump in it, where my bike seat poked it as I rode, so I had to get rid of it. Now that Old Navy has them again, I might need to get myself one!