And a Happy New Year!

Can you believe it? Another year has come and gone.

I don't know about you, but I am SO glad 2017 is done. Don't get me wrong, it was a pretty good year. But I've got plans for 2018. It's gonna be big.

Did you make you new year resolutions yet? I did.

This year, I did my new year goals a little differently. I'm going to write more about that later this week. Every year I make goals, and every year I usually forget about them a few months in. I generally don't plan to achieve anything big or impossible. It's not like my goals are unattainable. I just lose interest.

But this year, I think I found the solution.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been an active participant in this whole blogging thing. And if you didn't know, that doesn't exactly work when it comes to blogging.

So, I've got some new year resolutions for this blog. I'm gonna tell you them, so you can hold me to them. Ok? Ok.

Firstly, I am actually going to blog! Can you believe it? I know, it's crazy.

Secondly, we are giving modesty a face lift. I'm so sick of modesty being presented as a list of things we cannot wear and cannot do. There is SO much we CAN do. And we're gonna explore that right here.

Thirdly, There should be a clothing line coming out. I'm currently waiting for an email from a manufacturing facility. So, keep your fingers crossed, and maybe they will write back.

Finally, I'm going to share all my tips and tricks to living a confident life, and share how I live a life that's a style of my own. And hopefully, you'll feel inspired/ empowered/ excited to do the same.

Here's to the new year!

P.s. If there is anything you would like to see, questions, or tips and tricks on something please let me know. This tiny little corner of the internet is for you. So, let me know ok?