And We're Back

HI! Welcome to my new blog. We’ve got a new home and a new name and I am super excited to finally be jumping in. I have a really big issue, in that I am a perfectionist when it comes to creating. If you looked at my space, especially where I craft, you’d have NO IDEA. I make messes. And I love messes. But, when it comes to creating something and putting it out to the world, I want it to be perfect. I sit around waiting for perfection to smack me in the face OR I wait for perfect timing. Let’s be honest- there is no such thing as perfect timing. Maybe one day that will sink in, but for now, I’ll just keep playing that in my head, on repeat.

So, I was reading through some of my old posts and I was super embarrassed, leaning heavily towards the side of mortified. I sound like a freaking robot. If you read them, you were probably thinking “Kirstin, what are you doing? This doesn’t sound like you, and I’m starting to feel awkward reading this.” OR, you were laughing at the terribleness of the whole thing. Either way, I don’t really blame you.

Hopefully, from this day on, I’m going to stay true to my own voice. I find myself quite funny, and sometimes, I have good things to say.

If you’ve stumbled upon this site, and are wondering what I have to offer, I’ll tell you- not much. YET.

I’ve got one job to do, and that is to empower women. I believe we have so much to offer this world. And if we were to unite, and work together, the possibilities would be endless. We live in a world where, from a very young age, we are taught to doubt ourselves, to compare, and that tearing each other down and apart is ok. Newsflash: it is not ok. And I don’t think it’s chance that this is happening. What if there was someone out there who knew of our unlimited potential, who knew that together we could accomplish so much good? I believe there is. And I call him Satan. Now, before I lose you, ‘cus I’m sure eyebrows were raised as you read that, you don’t need to believe that too. And I’m giving you permission to think I’m a little crazy. Totally ok with that.But that’s what I believe. And, despite possible differences, I need you. We, as women need you. And we need each other. If you found this, or clicked on this, there was a reason for that. Let’s not let this “chance” meeting go to waste.

I’m always telling myself I don’t need an intro blog post. But, it kind of seems like that’s what this is turning into. So, real quick, before I lose your attention (can I just say thanks for reading this far?) , here’s the game plan;

- In this space I plan to record how I live a style of my own. I will unashamedly report and record my life. I like writing things out. And, I’m sure my Mummy and Mama would really love a place they can come for life updates. Everyone is different, there isn’t just one way to live. I want to celebrate that.

-We are gonna build a community. It’s going to be beautiful. It won’t be perfect, and we will need to figure out how to do this together. And once we do, and probably even if we don’t, we are going to rock the boat, and makes some changes in this world.

- In the (hopefully) near future, there will be a clothing line coming out. I need your love, support, and, if we’re being totally honest here, purchases to make that work. Stay tuned!

-In the (most likely) more distant future, there will be courses and fun hands on learning, where me and my best friend Seeley, will give you the tools you need to take back control, be confident, and live the life you are meant to be. We are SUPER excited for this, but there’s still a little more work to be done.

- And finally, with so much junk out there, I want to put a little more good into the cyber world. If I have a good outfit day, you can bet you’ll see it here- We need all the inspiration we can get when it comes to dressing modestly. If I’ve found a book I love, or a podcast I binge listened to, I’m gonna share it with you. Quotable quotes and happy thoughts will find a home here. And, if there is anything you want to see, or have a conversation about please, please, please let me know.

Who says new beginnings can only start January 1st? Not I, said that cow. But I totally did up until a month ago. And then, something written in one of my birthday cards completely changed my mind. So now I’m going big, ‘cus I’ve still got a few years till I can go home. #STUCKINUTAH. Stay tuned for more. And thanks for reading.