Ladies and Gentlemen...Cousin It

Sorry guys, I just think I'm so funny. Actually, when I was in either middle or elementary school my Aunt called me Cousin It once. Just once. It stuck with me. And now that I have locks to rival those of Cousin It's, I just had to take this photo. And then, I had to play with the colors for dramatic effect.

All Cousin It jokes aside, you've gotta admit this is a pretty cute outfit. Am I right?? I got the dress on clearance at F21 a while ago, and it has become a staple.It's light, casual and just loose enough that it's super comfy, yet ultra flattering. They have a similar one on sale on-line right now! The shirt, I'll admit, is a children's size boy shirt. The links to everything are below.

While getting dressed this morning I was thinking about modesty (something I think about A LOT) and the nature of the beast. I really wish that the modesty culture wasn't so much about covering up or finding clothes that are cut just enough to be considered modest. Been there, done that. Shopping is no fun when you have that attitude. And getting dressed is even less fun! I want to change that. We NEED to change that. What if getting dressed stopped being about just following the rules of modesty? What if we dressed in a very deliberate and stylized way, that just happened to be modest?

What if we created a style of our own.