Jobless and Dreaming

So, I’ve reached that awkward stage in life where I am over qualified for all the positions I am applying for, and too under qualified, in the eye of the employer, to apply for the jobs I really should be seeking after. Funny how that works. I never dreamed of the day I would walk out of a job interview and not get offered the job on the spot. Well, since I’ve come to Utah, it has happened. MULTIPLE TIMES. What the heck Utah?! You know, you’re really not helping your cause. At all.

Because I have been having so much bad luck interviewing, I’ve decided to read it as sign. Time to get my dream business up and running! I requested a meeting/ counseling session with someone from the SBDC. I should be hearing back from them in three or less business days. Fingers crossed this works out guys!! Hopefully, before I know it I’ll have my own little modest clothing business up and running. And don’t worry, it won’t be like allllll the other ones out there. This one will be different, and less expensive, I promise.

And maybe, I’ll get my act together and start blogging for real. I keep saying I will. And then I don’t. I keep blaming it on a lack of content, or lack of good photos, and such things like that. But, if I had all of that then I would be just like every other blogger out there. So, I will start with this (and by this I mean nothing) and hopefully create something new, that is uniquely and unapologetically true to me.