Our First Birthday Together

Blake and I have been dating for a loooong time. Almost five years to be exact. But, this year was the first year that we got to be together for Blake's birthday. Naturally, I had to make it a celebration to remember. I didn't go to over the top though, because turning 24 isn't as big of a deal, as say 30. That's big of birthday!

Because Blake still had to work, we had to start the day early. First was presents. Let me tell you, it is hard shopping for someone who buys everything they want on their own. I brought back a few things from Japan, got him a yoga mat because couples who stretch together, stay together, and treats- Blake's favorites. Oh, and socks. What's a holiday or birthday without gift socks?

Doesn't he look good in a polo?

I think I managed to surprise him a little bit with his gifts. Even if I didn't, he always does a good job acting surprised.

After presents, I did manage to surprise him. TWICE.

I whisked him away, and headed to a secret location for his birthday breakfast. Any guesses? It wasn't at cute little diner, or a picnic under a willow tree. Nope. I took him to Krispy Kreme.

He was surprised.

And, he was in heaven.

Then, we went to this wall on state street that was just made for birthday boys. Seeeeeeee.

He wasn't in heaven for this part. But, I couldn't pass up the perfect photo opportunity. Sorry, Lovey.

When we got home Blake got went upstairs to work. I told him I was working on a surprise downstairs, and he wasn't allowed down, and I got to work. I had a surprise birthday party to pull together. I made cake, hummus (his favorite), and decorations, and cleaned our forever messy house. I picked up my brother and a pizza, and I somehow managed to make it back in time to let our friends sneak into the house. I'll admit I was a little stressed.

Everyone got into position, and I went upstairs to get the birthday boy. I had half a mind to just call Blake down, but, he knew I was preparing a surprise, and so I was a little worried he might come down naked. That's a very Blake thing to do.

I had him cover his eyes, and I led him down the hall, and as we got to the stairs, something fell downstairs. Oh no! Surprise ruined! Blake exclaimed "Is it a puppy?!" Ok, maybe the surprise wasn't ruined yet. But, Blake seemed a little too excited about the puppy. It made me think, maybe I should've rented a puppy for his birthday.

We continued down the stairs, and "SURPRISE!!!!"

He was definitely surprised.

And his first birthday together was definitely a success.