Flora, no Fauna

This is probably one of my new favorite dresses. I have WAY to many swing dresses, but not very many of them have patterns. And none of them mix flowers and foliage together. It's just so pretty! And that green color- let's talk about that. It's beautiful!

Not only is it perfectly modest, but it can also be dressed up or down. Chances are I'll be wearing this beauty to church in the next few weeks. Just, without the chambray tied around my waist.

Sadly, the store where I bought the dress from doesn't have a website yet (hopefully). But, if you live in Utah then, lucky you, you can go check them out! Here is their information. And you can follow them on Instagram here. Cozy fashions is super close to campus, and, if you ask me, totally worth taking a trip to check out.

- - -

Also, I did my hair. I've tried braid crowns a hundred and one times and I can never seem to get it right. The braids either don't stay in, or don't stay up, or I run out of bobby pins before I can get my braid in it's proper crown formation. Well, I used this tutorial, and it actually worked!

[ I tried to link the tutorial from it's original blog, but, it wasn't working, so I connected it to the Pin on Pinterest I used. Sorry! ]

But...look how cute it turned out!!